Fair Use Policy


The purpose of this Fair use Policy is to regulate and govern any activities involving the copying of copyrighted material without the permission from the copyright owner.


This policy is applicable to all the previous, current and future customers of AssignmentHelpService.net that agreed to the terms and conditions and entered a binding contract with the company.

User Rights and Responsibilities

The users in this case are entitled to the following rights;

  • The right to anonymity: Customers have the right to remain anonymous and maintain their identity as anonymous even if they have to share other information about themselves for the completion of specific projects.
  • The right to confidentiality: Customers are given the right to keep their personal information, writer reviews, suggestions and complaints completely confidential. As such, none of their responses will be shared or disclosed to writers, support or any 3rd party that may be associated with the company’s operations.
  • The right to secrecy: Since our company is built around the pillars of secrecy, the customers can rest assured that the number of orders they place, the topics they get completed, and the projects that they secure help for will never be disclosed to anyone including their peers.
  • Copyrights: Once the customers pay the entire sum for an order, they are given complete ownership and copyrights to the final product they received. This means that none of the contents from that report will be replicated, reused or provided to other customers.

Customers have the following responsibilities as per the Terms and Conditions;

  • Once the order is placed, you must remain in touch with our writing expert via email / messages section to promptly address any concerns that they might have.
  • You are liable to pay the full sum of money immediately upon completion of your orders, following which you can order revisions, modifications or extensions. In case of extension of work, you are responsible to make additional payments decided as per the need.
  • You are responsible to refrain from sharing any of your personal information, which may include contact numbers, email address or social media profiles. The only exception to sharing your personal information includes your educational background, employment related information such as job description, and future career-specific interests.

Acceptable Uses

The acceptable use of our services involves;

  • Acceptance of the cookies policy of the company.
  • Agreement with the company terms and conditions or terms of use.
  • Use of professional and courteous tone when communicating with the company representatives, team members, writers and support department.

Unacceptable Uses

The following actions will be considered unacceptable;

  • Disclosure of personal information other than the email address, employment or educational background to the writers or other support representatives.
  • Use of harsh or unprofessional tone when communicating with the AssignmentHelpService.net team.
  • Delayed payment or demand for refund when no mistake was made by the writers or the company for delivery.
  • The papers we provide are model papers to help you and it’s for reference purpose only, it should not be submitted as it is, if you do then AssignmentHelpService.net are not responsible for any loses.

Delivery and Copyright

  • The company shall not be held responsible for late or non-delivery of the final product due to a fault in the customer’s service provider, internet, computer system, device or software. Our support team will be available round the clock in order to assist you with downloading the final product.
  • You will be given the complete ownership and copyrights of the end product only after you have made the complete payment. Before making the complete payment, you will be provided with the copy of the end product with a watermark “AssignmentHelpService.net” that runs through the length of each page.
  • Any unethical, illegal or wrongful uses of your end-product shall be your own responsibility after the transfer or copyright and ownership. Any activities, such as sale, purchase or repeated use of the end-product by you and your peers will be the sole responsibility of the customer.